After March 2020, consumers realized the value of booking with a Travel Advisor. Passengers were stranded abroad, in destinations without flights and many people awaiting vacations needed to cancel their trips. Those without a travel advisor had to make direct calls to airlines, cruiselines and tour operators – often staying on the line for hours, on hold. Travel Advisors knew and understood the COVID-19 policies and reached out to suppliers, waiting on hold for hours on behalf of their clients, often resolving issues quicker than most online travel agencies.

Now, more than ever, travel advisors are critical in the trip planning process to ensure that you are getting the highest quality vacation, top level service and most up-to-date information.

We Have Experience and Knowledge
With over 600 travel advisors across Canada and 1000+ supplier partners, we have been to where you want to go or can network with someone who has. One size vacation does not fit all, we can match your request with the perfect hotel, resort, or cruise line much better than online search engines.

We Provide Unbiased Recommendations
Travel Advisors work for their clients – not for the airlines, travel companies or those that pay for advertising. We do the work for you, providing you with options and recommendations that fit your requests and budget.

We Save You Time AND Money
Travel can often be complicated to book, with a sea of information on the internet, it can be difficult to navigate the best options. No matter how they end up booking a trip, consumers spend many hours on websites to plan their getaways – 38 websites on average! Travel Advisors help to cut through the noise to help you find the perfect vacation, saving you hours of research time, to help hone in on choices to create that perfect vacation that fits your likes and budget.

If Something Goes Wrong, We Will Be There
Vacations are meant to relieve stress, not create more. Let us use our knowledge to act quickly when weather, natural disasters and everything in between happens – adjusting air tickets and any travel plans with ease. Wherever you are in the world, we are here standing by to assist you on every leg of your journey.

No one wants to ruin a perfect vacation, but as they say, “things” happen and when they do it is a relief to know that your Travel Advisor is there to help. Without an advisor, it would be up to you to handle any hiccups your trip may present, while in destination. You would be spending your time contacting a call centre or emailing customer service instead of enjoying your time on the beach. Wouldn’t you rather have someone taking care of arrangements and details, so you can enjoy your hard-earned vacation?

We Have Greater Access and Resources
Because of our buying power and insider knowledge, we have strong connections with preferred partners across the world that can provide additional amenities – like early check-in, late check-out, complimentary breakfasts and credits not available to those booking online.

Travel Advisors are passionate about travel and we want to share with the world with you. Take advantage of our professional services and receive exclusive, personalized attention that is beyond the capability of online booking engines.