Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to book travel – for more than one reason! Not only will you find some of the best deals of the year, but they allow you to give one of the most precious gifts to your loved ones during the festive season. 
Break free from giving things that become worn out, obsolete, forgotten or worse – landfill! – and think about how the gift of travel will enhance your relationship with the person you travel with or give travel.
No stores, no lineups, no parking chaos… giving the gift of travel makes checking family off your list easy.
Step Away from Devices…
Study after study shows that what we remember and cherish are experiences, not stuff or even high-priced electronics from the mall  - even stuff we think we really want - we’ll never remember if it’s gone. Travel experiences take us out of our daily grind, give us a fresh perspective on the world and each other and create a lifetime of memories.
For many people, travel is the ultimate dream, and the gift they’ll cherish most.
And Lean into Relationships
As the world gets ever faster and people ever busier, the most valuable commodity is time. Time spent together on holiday, nurturing relationships, creating shared memories that uplift us and that we can cherish through the years ahead – those are among the real treasures that travel with our loved ones gives us.
Giving the gift of travel means giving the gift of time. Time to reset relationships, priorities, remember what you love and who you love, and focus on them.
Get Personal
What can be more personal than travel? A life-changing experience you can’t put a card on – or even a price to. Giving a travel gift can allow a recipient to work with a travel advisor to create a completely customized experience that taps into their passions and travel dreams. See the Big Five up close on safari in Africa for an animal lover? Enjoy watersports on a tropical beach for a sun worshipper? Travel can be the most thoughtful gift anyone on your gift list has ever received.
Or, if you and your travel gift recipient are traveling together, it’s the ultimate escape from the cares, deadlines, busy days and exhausted evenings of everyday life. No gift for a family or a romantic partner can be as personal as time spent alone together. These are the times you spend talking about for the rest of your life.
Give Yourself a Little Something
You don’t have to give all your travel gifts away to others. Add yourself to your list of people who deserve a travel treat in the coming year.
In fact, use our Black Friday travel deals to trade in exhausting entertaining for holiday trips where you’re not the one doing all the work – instead, you’re being pampered and living your best life as you celebrate the season. (Yes, just weeks away!)
How Black Friday Makes Holiday Travel Gift Giving Even Better
Those are just some of the ways the gift of travel helps us celebrate that good cheer, togetherness and dreams coming true that embody the spirit of the season.
Black Friday deals help us achieve all of these cherished goals – and make them more affordable, bringing travel aspirations within budget, or giving us some extra to upgrade our travel gifts or splurge on a travel dream come true.
Don’t wait – many Black Friday travel offers are limited capacity – and are over soon! Let professionals help you navigate the many offers available so you get the best deals for the best trips for you and your loved ones.
Ask us about the Black Friday deals published on our website, or more resort vacation, land tour, or river or ocean cruise Black Friday special offers to help you make the most of Black Friday for your travel gift giving this year.
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